This Girl Is About to Be Reunited with Her Horse, and She Has No Idea

After being forced to sell her barrel racer four years ago, this girl has no idea that her parents bought him back and she's about to be reunited with her horse. 

When Bay had to sell her barrel racer, Spook, four years ago, she was heartbroken. However, she understood that her parents needed to sell her horse for financial reasons, and though she adored Spook, she had to let him go. What Bay didn't know is that, four years later, she would be reunited with her horse once again.

Bay's parents didn't want to sell Spook, but circumstances forced them to. But they also never gave up on their hopes to buy Spook back. Eventually, they were able to, and their daughter would be reunited with her horse once again.

This video captures the moment that Bay learns that Spook is hers once again. But it's not just any reunion. Bay's parents came up with the perfect reveal, and Bay has no idea that her best friend is standing right behind her the whole time.

Take a look - and get your tissues ready!

Anyone who's loved a horse knows the incredible effects they can have on our lives. We bond so strongly with our horses that often, the thought of having to sell them seems incomprehensible. We can only imagine what selling Spook was like for Bay, and that makes their reunion all the more moving.

We hope that Bay and Spook have many more years of great rides, great races, and wonderful conversations ahead of them. Clearly these two are meant to be together!

Have you ever had to say goodbye to a beloved horse? What was it like? 

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