This Flush-and-Shoot Pheasant Hunt is the Perfect Winter Warmup

Watching good dogs work over a first-person pheasant hunt will keep you warm and have you looking for your shotgun.

Here's a nice video that will only take up a few minutes of your time and keep you from forgetting that beautiful pointer laying on the dog bed beside you.

Enjoy a little pheasant hunting from the comfort of your living room while you clean the 12-gauge. We're out here waiting for you.

That looks like some good fun! It's probably a pheasant club somewhere since the birds were letting the dogs and hunters get right up on them.

Some of us in the hunting community will cringe at the sight of any pointing breed creeping on a bird when it should be holding the point, and worse, chasing on the flush.

Maybe the hardest thing for me was with 40 seconds left watching the dog bring back a downed bird and dropping it at his feet, only to watch it break and flush again. We taught our pointers (with the help of professional trainers) to hold until given the "out" command, and it saved a few wounded birds from escaping.