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Pointer Training Techniques with Midnight Kennel

pointer training

Robert Ecker of Midnight Kennel in Pennsylvania has made a new video of pointer training techniques. Here he is working several dogs over chukars and pigeons.

Whether you're training for upland hunting or field competition, here's a great way to polish your knowledge while you relax this winter. For those who belong to active birding clubs, this is even more relevant, since for you, the hunt's still on!

Sit back and enjoy a bit of training regimen that will keep you up to date and remind you that it's always time to get outside with your beautiful four-legged hunting partner.

For owners of English Setters, English Pointers, Irish Setters, Brittany Spaniels, Vizslas, German Shorthairs, and even pointing labs it's never a bad time to brush up or work with your animal even if he or she is a veteran hunter.

Watching them 'get hot' over a bird is what it's all about, but they won't get there without you! It may all start with a wing-on-a-string, but it won't end until you get out and train with your dog.

Start at home on the computer, or get some good advice from a friend and find a solid veteran trainer to help you help your pointer.

The first time you see her rock solid on point, you'll never forget it!

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Pointer Training Techniques with Midnight Kennel