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This Field & Stream Dry Bag is a Must-Have on the Water

A good dry bag should be at the top of everyone's river checklist.

Every outdoorsman or woman loves getting out on the water. Few things beat the feeling of sitting in a kayak and looking out at the open water ahead.

But anyone's who's been at it for a while knows that poor planning can quickly ruin a trip. It's utterly defeating to be on the water and realize you left something important back home. The only thing worse is tipping a canoe or kayak and losing all your loose gear or getting valuable items wet.

This is why a dry bag is absolutely essential.

For one, it's a pretty inexpensive solution to almost any serious problem you could run into on the water. Not only does it keep your gear completely dry, but it floats and it keeps it all in one easy-to-access location.

Picking the right dry bag is important, though, as you're often trusting this thing with all your valuable belongings.

We gave the Field & Stream 35L Dry Bag a try, and realized it's a great option pretty quickly. For one person floating on a kayak, a canoe, or a paddleboard, this is just about the perfect size for spare clothes, a towel, and those valuables like a wallet and keys.

Though a single person could probably get by with a smaller size, but for only $19.99, extra space comes at a fair price. There's a helpful window so you can see where your gear is in the bag, avoiding digging time significantly.

The bags from Field & Steam use a triple-roll closure system and welded, waterproof seams, so you can trust it will keep your belongings dry.

They also come in 5-liter, 10-liter, 20-liter and 55-liter options.

What will you put in yours?


This Field & Stream Dry Bag is a Must-Have on the Water