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This Elk Gets an Up-Close Selfie on a Game Camera

elk gets an up close game camera selfie

Sometimes animals are just plain weird.

This selfie-taking bull elk ranks right up there with some of the strangest animals.

Watch as this elk gets an up-close game camera selfie that will leave you laughing!

Elk Neigh

Ever heard this noise come out of an elk?

Posted by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

We see quite a game camera surprise in this video posted by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

This bull elk is a magnificent animal that appears full of himself. He saunters up to this game camera and makes a noise unknown to many.

When we need a good laugh, sometimes all we need to do is view our game cameras. Nature is the best comedian ever.

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This Elk Gets an Up-Close Selfie on a Game Camera