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Camel Shows Up Horses, Steal The Show in Pas de Deux

A different kind of pas de deux thrilled this audience, and it opened our eyes to the fact that camels really can do dressage!

When you envision a dressage pas de deux, you probably picture two talented horse and rider pairs negotiating a beautiful dressage test. Traditionally, a pas de deux matches up two well-paired horses so that when they progress through the test, they become almost mirror images of each other.

Only this program isn't quite what you'd expect. Because instead of pairing up two dressage horses, this setup pairs a horse and a... camel?

Yes, that's right - apparently Bactrian camels do dressage, and they do it quite well, actually. This camel demonstrates great responsiveness and shows off some pretty cool moves. Take a look at a camel doing dressage!

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So camel dressage may not become the next big sport, but it's certainly fun to watch!

Dressage offers many benefits to both horse and rider. Even the most introductory dressage training can help to improve a horse's responsiveness, and can increase a rider's awareness of their aides and how they communicate with their horse. Done properly, dressage can strengthen and build a horse's muscles, which can improve his flexibility and performance in other disciplines, too. Plus, when you can communicate with your horse more effectively, it's easier to teach him other skills, such as those he will need when competing in horse show jumping, reining, or another discipline.

If you want to see some famous dressage, check out Charlotte Dujardin and her incredible horse Valegro. The video clip of the Grand Prix winner's retirement ride is incredible.

It's true, dressage takes patience and time in order to learn how to do it right. But isn't that also true of anything that we do with horses? When you take the time to truly work with an animal, you can get great results, just like this camel's impressive performance.

Have you ever worked on dressage with your horse? Let us know at our Wide Open Pets Facebook!

This article was originally published February 23, 2018.

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