50 Caliber Glock
YouTube: Kentucky Ballistics

This Custom .50 Caliber Glock Packs Quite the Punch

This .50 Caliber Glock proves to be quite impressive.

Glock handguns are some of the most popular semi-autos on the planet for self-defense purposes. When most people think of large caliber versions of these guns, they are probably thinking of the Glock 21 in .45 Auto or the Glock 20 in 10mm.

While those are the largest stock guns that the company offers, there is one Glock that is larger than the rest. A company called Guncrafter Industries sells a kit for the 20, 21, 40 and 41 that converts it to .50 GI.

Yes, that is correct, a 50 caliber Glock handgun. It is an interesting concept to give your average Glock that much more of a punch. YouTuber Kentucky Ballistics puts one of these to the test in his latest video. The intro is a little silly. However, it is worth sticking around to see just what this conversion is capable for doing to a variety of targets.

For those who might be asking 'why?' the better question is, why not? If you are unfamiliar with .50 GI, this variation was also introduced by Guncrafter Industries specifically for some 1911s this company offers. It is something of an obscure round. However, give it time and perhaps it will take off, especially after videos like this go viral. It should be noted that this company is not affiliated with Glock in any way, making this conversion even more interesting.

In case you were wondering, there are two ways to get your own .50 GI Glock. One is to buy the conversion kit, which goes for $695. Guncrafter also sells a completely converted pistol for $1,095, so obtaining one of these is not cheap.

Still, it was clear that Scott had a lot of fun at the range with this gun. It also performed flawlessly in his test, which is equally impressive. We look forward to seeing how he will utilize this interesting firearm in his videos in the future.

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