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This Competition Shooter Has No Hands! Believe It

competition shooter has no hands

This competition shooter is unlike any other.

Hunter Cayll, a.k.a. "Nubbs" the no-handed shooter, recently "shot" a live video that will blow your mind. He competes hands free.

So, you're too tired to compete? Maybe you just don't have enough time for the shooting sports, right? Maybe you were born all thumbs and lack trigger control. Well, this competition shooter should be a great inspiration to you.

In a video on Armalite's Facebook page shows a competition shooter who is a great shot and a quick shooter. Oh did I mention he has no hands? Well this tough shooter does not let that get in the way of what he wants to do. He shoots his way through this tactical course faster and with more precision than most shooters with two full hands can.

When you think something is beyond your capabilities remember this inspirational competition shooter with no hands. If he can do it you certainly can accomplish your goals too.


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This Competition Shooter Has No Hands! Believe It