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Sunday Gunday: These 14 Lady Shooters of Instagram Always Hit the Mark

Female competitors and gun lovers have set the shooting sports on fire.

These 14 lady shooters of Instagram will certainly beat you at the range and look great doing so.

1. Tori Nonaka is a member of Team Glock and has many medals to speak for her skills. She began shooting at age three and has grown up to be a wildly popular gunner. At just 21, her popularity and skill just keep growing.

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2. Anette Wachter is the lady of long range. She has won 6 US National Team Championships, 3 personal national records and over 25 International trophies. She is also a member of the United States National Rifle Team and and an outdoor writer with us at Wide Open Spaces.

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3. Gabby Franco might be well recognized from starring on Top Shot- All Stars. She's also a firearms instructor, author and competition shooter.

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4. Jessie Duff is Team Taurus's Captain and began competing at the early age of 15. Since then, she has  never stopped shooting and winning competitions with ease.

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5. Kirsten Joy Weiss loves to compete. Shooting competitions, martial arts and hunting each play a huge part in her life. She has also written for Wide Open Spaces.

6. Janna Reeves loves knives, guns and pit bulls. Now, that is quite the combination.

7. Rachel Bee is a Hooters Calendar girl who is also a deadly shot. Life's not all about looks, but it's nice to have both great looks and great aim!

8. Joanna Maria has a lot of hobbies. Painting, books, fitness and, most importantly, guns, are her favorites.

9. Lena Miculek is becoming as famous as her shooting legend father, Jerry Miculek. This family can really sling the lead downrange in a hurry.

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10. Lidia Porter is a U.S. Navy Veteran that loves the shooting sports. We salute you, Lidia, and thank you for your service.

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11. Lea Speed is a full time registered nurse who's also is a familiar face to gun enthusiasts. She likes cars, the gym and (the best, obviously) guns. 

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12. Kimmy enjoys science, fitness, guns, and dogs. What's not to love?

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13. Alex Zedra is a hardcore shooter, 3-gun competitor and pastry chef who makes shooting sports look so very good. Keep up the great work!

14. Michelle Viscusi is a mother and LEO wife. She also is a talented shooter for Team Glock. 

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Hats off to all the female shooters! You make the great shooting sports even sweeter.