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This Buck Seems to Be a Bit Confused About What He Is

You thought you needed food plots to draw in deer, but the real secret is just some cattle.

You've been doing it all wrong. Buck decoys, food plots and major bedding areas are not what it takes to bring in bucks and make them feel comfortable on your property. The secret is adding some fence and about 20 head of cattle.

This buck seems to be just enjoying another day in the pasture, as he might be a bit confused as to what kind of animal he is.

I think he is confused, what he is

Posted by Lance Kendall on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Maybe he just doesn't care for other deer and enjoys hanging out with the cows more. Who knows? But if this begins trending for some reason, I might be in the market for some cows.

It almost looks as if he's herding these cows like a farmer's dog would. What do you think the cows are thinking?


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This Buck Seems to Be a Bit Confused About What He Is