This Artist's Video Drawings of Wildlife are Mesmerizing and Incredible

An amazing and rare talent, Joel Pilcher's drawings will get any hunter's attention.

Sometimes you see people doing things and you can tell they found their niche and purpose in life. Whether it's Lebron James with a basketball, Mike Trout with a baseball, Adele with a microphone or Kevin Hart on a comedy stage, you can just see it.

Well, Joel Pilcher is one of those special people, and when you watch these videos, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The man can draw wildlife like no one I've ever seen. The attention to detail is incredible, and the videos he posts are mesmerizing. But I'm warning you, once you start watching his videos, you can't stop.

In most of his Instagram videos, he shows you his process from start to finish. Being obsessed with whitetails, this one is probably my favorite.

And here are a few others that will rock your world. The guy is a special talent, no doubt about it.

If you found these videos interesting and you want to see more of his work, make sure to go to his Instagram page and scroll through. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. His expertise goes far beyond just wildlife, even though that's what we all really want to see!

Joel Pilcher, you are one bad dude with paper!