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This Aquarium Offers Yoga and It Looks the Most Zen

You can do yoga almost anywhere these days. 

On a farm, on a horse, on a paddleboard... the places you can get your namaste on are endless. Now, you can add yoga underwater to your list.

Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey is offering Yoga Days where participants take a 75-minute class taught by one of their biologists in a big hall while looking at marine species swimming by.

So, not only will you be getting a nice stretch in, but you'll also learn about the sharks, sea turtles, and fish as they peer through the glass and critique your poses.

After class you have free aquarium admission so you can go see their resident hippos, Button and Genny.

And their sea turtles.

You can also visit the penguin whose name is Tadasana, or mountain pose in yoga.

And see so many cool fish.


Can you think of a more zen place for a yoga experience?

Watching marine animals swim underwater is very calming in the first place. Owning fish is proven to reduce stress and improve mental health. Simply watching fish can lower one's heart rate and blood pressure, which is why you see them so often in dentist and doctor offices.

fish infographicSo it only makes sense to hold a yoga class in an aquarium! You get double the benefits for your body and mind and it's a unique way to get your zen on.

Keep an eye out for the next yoga day at Adventure Aquarium and get your tickets! It looks like the aquarium gives away yoga mat spots to one lucky aquarium member and a friend as well. Contact Elizabeth at her email address, [email protected] for more info!

The Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, Utah has a similar program. They even offer rainforest yoga with instructor Amanda Jones...

Where is the craziest place you've done yoga? Do you like doing it with animals? Let us know in the comments below. 

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