Maynard Creek
Maynard Creek Hunting

This 7,500-Acre Texas Paradise is a Bowhunter's Dream

Maynard Creek can offer guaranteed shot opportunities on free-range whitetail deer.

When you get into Texas, there's no shortage of outfitters and ranches to hunt. Loaded with endless possibilities and options, Texas is a different animal than most states, but you'll be hard-pressed to find many places similar to Maynard Creek.

Maynard Creek is a stunning combination of a stocked lake, unique lodge, great people and exceptional hunting opportunities. What catches so many bowhunters' attention is the fact that Maynard Creek is 100-percent free-range and archery only. And get this: with their whitetail hunts, you're guaranteed shot opportunities.

Those are some huge words for an outfitter to throw out, but Maynard Creek is doing just that.

With deer season approaching, it's now time to book those, so if this is something you're interested in, you better act fast and head to Maynard Creek Hunting.

With the 7,500 free-range acres, you can hunt about anything you can imagine that resides in Texas, including whitetail, axis, sika, blackbuck, aoudad, hogs and turkey. Here's a clip that breaks down what Maynard Creek is about and what you could expect when you book a trip there.

The key to the incredible hunting and ability to maintain the constant numbers of animals at Maynard Creek is the ranch's continual supplemental feeding. With Maynard Creek having this management practice and being bowhunting-only, it allows the animals to be less pressured than most places and provides customers with exceptional hunting experiences.

I personally love hunting—bowhunting specifically—for what it is. The challenge of taking a wild animal at close distances with a stick and string gets my heart beating faster just thinking about it. Finding outfitters with these standards is somewhat of a rarity these days, especially in the part of the country that Maynard Creek is.

The deer at Maynard are putting on some inches and Leon is ready for you to give him a call. Take a look at what's been visiting the feeders so far in these summer months.

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