Kansas Whitetail
YouTube: Realtree

Hunter Harvests Brute 300-Pound Kansas Whitetail on Film

You don't see deer this big very often. Unless you're deer hunting in Kansas, that is. 

There are big deer, then there are Kansas whitetail deer like you are about to see. Where I hunt in Indiana, a real big buck can push around 225 field dressed. In most places across the United States, that's a good-sized buck outside of just about everywhere, except maybe Saskatchewan. However, Kansas has some real mature bucks that hunters see every year. However, many never even get a shot.

Seasoned deer hunters know big deer don't get big by being stupid, especially one that's pushing almost 8 years old.

Here, just check out this archery hunt and see for yourself. Would you be able to handle your composure if this 300-pound buck came in on you?

So yeah, that's stupid big. Easily one of the biggest bucks we've ever seen harvested on camera when it comes to body size. The size of this animal's neck alone boggles the mind. The taxidermist may need to build a custom form for this one! If you read the caption of the video, you would quickly see this giant buck came from an outfitter.

After a little research, it appears that Ross Trophy Whitetails is the real deal when it comes to big deer. They have an age restriction in place, not a restriction based on antlers.

Bucks need to be at least 5 years old, so naturally, there are lots of big bucks running around.

There are no prices on the website, so learning how much this hunt would cost boggles the imagination. Regardless, though, it's still a big deer, and a lot of venison. Congratulations are definitely in order for the Kansas buck of a lifetime.