Fishing with Kids? You Need to See This

Above all else, when you go fishing with kids, keep it simple.

Trying to get children into fishing can seem like a daunting and tedious task, but if you do it right, everyone will have a blast. Here's some tips from the Midwest Fishing Club on what to do when you go fishing with kids.

Andrew Bebb delivered many great tips in this video about fishing with kids, and most of them are easy to execute. A common theme among the advice given is to keep things simple and just have fun. Here are the main points covered in the video:

  • Go somewhere close, because no one wants to drive forever, especially kids
  • Visit a place you know will have fish and take the guesswork out
  • Bring the right gear: tiny hooks, small bobbers, and a children's rod
  • Keep your kids involved to hold their attention
  • Have fun (why else would you be fishing?)

Heed this advice on your next fishing trip with the kids, and everyone will have fun. The best angler is the one who has the most fun.