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Ohio’s Lake and Trails Program Gets Kids Outside [VIDEO]

There’s never been a better time to teach kids the joy of fishing. 

Nowadays, most kids would rather stare at the tablet instead of hitting the water, but the Ohio program Lake and Trails is trying to change that.

Watch how Karen Metzker, President of the Lakes and Trails Organization, is leading the fight for youth fishing and outdoor recreation in the Buckeye State.

Metzker told reporters, “We teach conservation. We teach them fishing, we teach them boating. We want to get them outside, not sitting in front of a video game at home.”

Emily Galla of Macedonia, had this to say about Lakes and Trails: “I love, like, everything about the camp. It’s fun and there’s a lot to do. I didn’t know how to fly fish before, but now I do.”

Other activities offered by Lakes and Trails include: hiking, lure making, and cooking. Lakes and Trails camps happen twice a year at the FFA Camp Muskingum in Carroll County, Ohio.

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Ohio’s Lake and Trails Program Gets Kids Outside [VIDEO]