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These Guys Put a 250cc Engine in a Barbie Jeep

Who hasn't dreamed of putting a gas engine in their Power Wheels?

Two college guys from Georgia Tech used a metal shop and a log splitter engine to transform a typical Power Wheels Barbie Jeep into a Barbie go-kart. And, they made a video to show that it is as cool as it sounds.

After acquiring the electric kid's toy, they constructed a custom tube steel frame and mounted the six horsepower, 250cc Briggs and Stratton engine under the seat. Modified Harbor Freight wheels replaced the gripless plastic tires that came on the Barbie. Hydraulic brakes were added, as well.

The final product looks incredibly fun and far safer than Extreme Barbie Jeep Downhill Racing... yes, that's a thing (WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE).

This isn't the duo's first attempt at making gas-powered versions of kiddie toys either. Last year, the duo affixed a chainsaw engine to a tricycle with slightly more terrifying results.

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