These Are the 3 Used Jeep Wranglers You Should Look For and Buy

Which used Jeep Wrangler should be at the front of your list?

The Jeep Wrangler is easily one of America's favorite vehicles, and for good reason.

The SUV set standards for off-road capabilities accessible to the masses, and there's no shortage of used Wranglers available for the picking.

But where are you supposed to start? These three suggestions will get you started on the used Jeep Wranglers that deserve your attention.

2001 Wrangler LJ or Rubicon Unlimited

Officially known as the 2001 1/2 Wrangler Unlimited, this bad boy had a longer wheelbase and a sweet new Dana 44 rear axle.

But then came the Rubicon, a diamond in the eyes of Jeep owners everywhere. Talk about an off-road machine; this is where the Rock-Trac four-wheel-drive system was part of the upgraded features, and things got serious for the weekend warrior who left the pavement to the wimpy little cars back in town.

1972 Jeep CJ-5

It was the last of the Jeep versions that didn't include automatic transmission, the CJ-5 isn't a true "Wrangler," since the name wasn't introduced until 1986. Even still, this is the Jeep you think of when you picture classic, military-inspired awesomeness that began the translation to an off-road but pavement-ready machine.

1998 Wrangler Sport

The best thing about the '98 Sport is that it isn't the previous version, which was luckily phased out.

In came a new coil spring suspension for a better ride and handling, and a 19-gallon fuel tank. The more bare bones approach to the Sport lets owners customize a bit more to their liking. This is the one we'd like to have in our garage the most.

What about the others? There's certainly a lot of Wranglers up for sale in most markets, so there's always a chance to see one in person.