Classic Bowhunting
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These 80s and 90s Classic Bowhunting Clips Remind Us of a Simpler Time

This compilation reminds us of the hunting videos of old.

Hunters have been filming their hunts for nearly 90 years now. We've seen classic hunting clips from the likes of bowhunting legends like Arthur Young and Fred Bear that show just how far hunting with archery gear has come.

Today we have a compilation video of clips taken from hunting videos of the 1980s and early 90s. Clearly, most of these clips were taken just before bowhunting started taking off into the huge industry that we have today.

The gear here is incredibly simple, from the treestands to the camo to the bows being used. How many names do you remember from this clip?

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One thing that struck me from these clips was just how loud some of these bows were. Most people think of the way speed and power has increased over the years, but manufacturers have cut down on the noise too. That's an advantage because it means fewer animals jumping the string on the shot.

As the video notes, camo patterns have changed dramatically. As the hunters of yesteryear have proven time and time again, you don't really NEED all those fancy patterns to hunt animals. We do think they make it slightly easier though!

Except for that last buck, I don't think any of the deer arrowed in this compilation exceeded the 120-inch mark as far as score. In fact, a few of them might have been sub 100 inches. You generally don't see deer that small harvested on the major hunting shows anymore unless it is the first deer of a younger hunter. It just goes to show how times have changed.

In truth, most of these videos look like they were made by guys just doing this in their spare time with whatever home video equipment they could find at the time. These guys were the trail blazers who helped kick start every major hunting show on TV or YouTube and our hat is off to them for doing that.

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