These 4 Truck Accessories Will Get You Out of the Mud

We love testing our rigs out on the back roads and mud holes. 

Tearing through the off-road trails of America is a blast, especially if you have a truck up for the beating. Heck, we even have a fun time digging them out, too.

These four truck accessories will make life easier when it's time to save our rides from the deepest of the deep. Because getting stuck is the only way to know how far your truck will go.

1. Field Tuff 48" Farm Jack

A dependable jack is an absolute necessity for off roaders. Without one, flat tires or other annoying situations become big problems quickly.

2. Superwinch Tiger Shark 15500 15,500-lb. Winch

It goes without saying that a power winch should be mounted to your off-road rig. When you find yourself stuck in the mud or snow, a power winch will help you rescue your wheels.

3. Guide Gear 800 Amp Jump Starter and Portable Power Pack

Eventually, either you or one of your convoy is going to have a dead battery. Instead of holding up the whole trip, a jump starter and portable power pack can save the day.

4. Tow Rope

Need a tow out of your muddy mess? Better have a quality tow rope with you. Make sure you've got something long and strong enough.