These 3 Viral Car Dealership Ads Are Internet Gold

These dealers go to comedic lengths to bring customers to their lots. 

How good are the ads for your local auto dealerships? Could they achieve internet fame?

Check out three of the best viral car sales ads that are sure to make you smile.

Larry Love of Better Dayz Auto Sales

From a wood-trimmed Volkswagen Bus to a fleet of used bicycles, fictitious tri-lingual salesperson "Larry Love" of Better Dayz Auto Sales loves all of us, even on a hot sunny day.

Love's lovable sales pitch informs us that while some cars might have to be pushed home, others are completely drivable. With the purchase of a vehicle, customers receive an easy-to-use navigation system - a hand-drawn map.

A 2-week, 25-mile warranty accompanies every ride sold by the legendary Larry Love - as does a pack of condoms, for "roadside protection."

Midwestern Car Legend Bob Rohrrrrrman

Unlike Larry Love, Bob Rohrman is, by all accounts, a real person.

In 1989, you could receive a $2,000 discount on remaining 1989 Honda Accords at his Schaumburg, Illinois dealership. The spot urges viewers to "get Rohrmanized" no less than five times, reminding us how difficult it is to imagine a 1989 Honda Accord ever costing more than $2,000.

"Priority Motorsports: Transportation for Every Generation"

For our final clip, we travel to Priority Motorsports in Wichita, Kansas. Salesperson Jeff Horning urges us to head down and "pick out a whip so that you can Nae-Nae" before imitating the infamous Whip / Nae Nae dance from the 2015 Silentó song "Watch Me."

His dance routine continues for almost thirty seconds. Is that too long? You decide.


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