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These 10 Trail Cam Vids Will Get You Pumped for Deer Season

Nothing like some bucks on film to tide you over until deer season.

If you're like me, nothing gets you more excited than watching trail camera footage. Seeing a big buck work a scrape or rub, or chase down an unwilling lady, is a great way to forge through the summer doldrums until deer season finally arrives.

Here's a collection of my favorite cam captures from the past few years, all taken in Eastern Ontario, Canada. I can guarantee that you'll be counting down the days until that first sit in the stand after taking a gander at these.

Here you go:

1. Working the licking branch

2. Leaving some scent

3. Get back here

4. An old warrior

5. Get lost

6. Just biding my time

7. Freshening up the scrape

8. Mr. Barbed Wire

9. The chase is on

10. Bonus - Scoping out the sorghum

Filmed this with my DSLR camera late one evening last fall. The brute buck in the back was definitely a looker.

Ready to polish up the bow or gun? I thought so.

Good luck this deer season. Hope all of you have a successful and fulfilling hunt.

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