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10 Photos of Buck Rubs Guaranteed to Pump You Up for Deer Season

Rubs are calling cards that give away the presence of a buck. Here are ten wicked rubs that are sure to get you pumped for hunting season!

Spotting a rub is akin to winning the lottery. Although there are no guarantees a deer will be harvested, knowing you are in the right area puts you in a prime position for striking gold.

A rub is created when a whitetail buck uses his antlers to strip away the bark from a sapling or tree. Visually, this marks a buck's primary home range, which is both used as a warning to other bucks or as a way of attracting a potential mate.

The area between the antlers and forehead contains a large number of apocrine sweat glands, which is deposited onto the rub to communicate a challenge to other male deer and to elicit a response from a receptive doe.

Check out these ten photos of rubs. They will definitely get you pumped to venture out into the deer woods!











Good luck on your buck search this season. Hopefully these rub photos give you some inspiration.

Photos via Justin Hoffman

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