The World's First Smart Gun

It never hurts to provide extra security for your firearms.

In a world where we carry "smart" devices on our wrists and in our pockets, we're always looking for the next innovation.

Well, imagine having your carry gun become another smart device that only fires when you hold it.

If you're interested in watching the full-length video, you can find it here.

Imagine having a firearm that can only be fired by you. You'll never have to worry about your kids accidentally firing a weapon on accident. If stolen, this weapon can't be used against you or anyone (right away, at least).

Of course, this technology does come with cons and questions.

Who would be in charge of the implants? What would prevent someone from hijacking and reproducing the RFID frequency of your implant? Additionally, we've all seen the lock back up. That's not something I would want happening in any situation.

Worse yet, what if a family member needs to use your weapon and can't? Regardless of unanswered questions surrounding this concept, it's still interesting.