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The USA-Made Blade Fit for an Outdoorsman

Check out the Para Military™ 2, a Spyderco classic you can count on in any situation.

Outdoorsmen looking for the best all-purpose knife to take into the wild can finally stop searching. One of the most popular knives in the Spyderco collection, the Para Military 2, stays faithful to the legacy of the original Para Military folding knife while still blazing its own path.

When you're outdoors in rough and rugged environments, strength is always a key consideration. The Para Military 2 rises to the occasion with Spyderco's patented Compression Lock™, which is significantly stronger than a typical LinerLock mechanism. No matter what cutting task you tackle, you can rest assured you have extra support behind the blade.

Another advantage of the Para Military 2 is that it's well suited to meet a variety of needs. The knife is available in both PlainEdge™ and fully-serrated SpyderEdge™ configurations, both featuring CPM® S30V® blade steel. Its four-way pocket clip allows you to carry it tip-up or tip-down on either the left or right side, and a true left-handed version is also available.

Add all that together and you've got the perfect outdoorsman's folding knife.

The Para Military 2 is made in Spyderco's Golden, Colorado facility, which is always a plus in our book. The importance of American-made pride and quality can't be overstated.

With so many versatile uses, there's little wonder why it's one of Spyderco's most revered knives in their entire lineup. It's reliable, capable, and supremely functional.

Though it's always worth shopping around and pondering your own personal needs and expectations, finding a great knife doesn't have to be difficult. A great outdoorsman knife should have the basics covered, and the Para Military 2 checks all the boxes.


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The USA-Made Blade Fit for an Outdoorsman