The Trump Mobile is Now Cruising the Streets

Diehard Donald Trump fans have created the first-ever "Trump Mobile", paying tribute to our 45th President.

Built by married Finnish couple Karl and Nina Lindroos, the vehicle uses parts from 43 different vehicles, merging two Mercedes wagons for its body, powered by a 300-turbo-diesel Mercedes engine with a safe driving speed of up to 60 miles per hour.

The Lindroos' are clearly some of Donald Trump's staunchest defenders, asking people to "get their facts right" if they wish to engage in a debate over his policies.

"We will get a lot of attention and most of the time, we get respect. Sometimes we get a few times down, but a lot of times up," said Karl Lindroos in his broken, charismatic English. "Like in life, somebody likes you, somebody doesn't."

"The Trump Mobile has taken a lot of sweat and a lot of time and a lot of money and energy to get it together. And to be one of the most seen, recognized cars makes us feel good."

At the moment, the vehicle is not for sale. However, offers are being accepted by the Lindroos, with bids starting at an outrageous $1 million dollars, with a preference of securing a partnership with someone willing to "preserve its legacy."