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The Top Selling GunVault Pistol Safe is on Sale for $109 Right Now

When you need to lock up your handguns, you can't go wrong with this tried and true piece of machinery from GunVault.

The last thing I ever want to do is leave my handgun lying around the house. Honestly, the risk of my friends picking it up and messing with it is way too high. That's why I keep it locked up so the only person who can get to it is me.

Better yet, there's a nice, steep deal on this safe right now. You can snag this vault for just $109.00.

Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe

gun vault

No unwarranted person is getting into this thing without your permission. The built-in computer blocks access to anyone after invalid key pad entries so there's no persistence there. It's also great because you put this thing anywhere. You can hide it in your closet, in the office, or in your garage.

The protective foam-lined interior will insure that your weapons are protected while the removable interior shelf offers up space whenever you need a little bit more. This vault is made of 16-guauge steel and is sure to keep your guns protected and secure from anyone who isn't you.

Do yourself a favor. Lock them up and keep them safe with this inexpensive, high-performance vault.