first deer

The Story of a Young Lady's First Deer

Every first deer is special, but this one's hard to beat.

My son Walton just turned three. He's starting to become better aware of things and knows I go deer hunting. This year especially, he asks me about my time in the woods. I tell him about everything I see and also show him pictures when I get home. I can hardly wait for when the time comes that I get to take him with me. The same can be said for the parents of Kate in this video.

As you're about to see, Kate Landrey shares every detail of her first successful deer hunt. This is a special moment for any hunter. The first deer is one each of us always remembers.

Watch the video below:

It's hard to hide the excitement after Kate took her shot. Whatever her dad has been doing to raise her, he's been doing it right. I look forward to my son one day getting to experience all of this himself.

One thing I do wonder, though, is how young is too young to go deer hunting? Next year, when my son is four, I plan to have him sit with me in a blind just to experience the world waking up. Perhaps we'll go more the year after. Who knows? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.