SRM 1216 Revolving Shotgun
YouTube: hickok45

The SRM Arms 1216 Revolving Shotgun Is Strange, Yet Reliable

This is one weird shotgun!

There are some strange and awesome firearms on the market today. However, none may be stranger than the polymer SRM Arms Model 1216 revolving shotgun. Meant for law enforcement and home defense purposes, the gun is a fully ambidextrous 12 gauge that packs a lot of firepower into a small package.

This bullpup semi-auto shotgun operates off a blowback design and uses weird revolving magazine tubes. It's the strangest detachable magazine system we've ever seen in a tactical shotgun.

The plus side is that this gives the gun an awesome ammo capacity of 16 rounds. Watch as one of our favorite gun gurus, Hickok45, puts one through its paces.

The SRM 1216 looks like a gimmick. It's like a shotgun you'd see in a video game or sci-fi movie. Upon first seeing it, we did not expect Hickok to enjoy the quad-tube magazine either. Especially considering one must manually turn to the next tube to keep firing. While reloading looks easy, the downside is that the magazine tubes are rather large and probably a bit hefty once fully loaded. We think the tubes could probably use some sort of aftermarket grip or serration like what you'd see on a handgun. There's not really room for a handguard, but something on the tube would make the magazine easier to rotate.

However, the weight of this gun is decent at a little over seven pounds and it has an 18-inch barrel and picatinny rail to attach an optic. It does appear to be a fast cycling and reliable firearm. We're not sure these will take the place of a simple Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 pump for defense anytime soon, but for anyone looking for a unique semi-automatic shotgun, this one is sure to turn some heads at the range.