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Have You Ever Wondered How a Big Bore Airgun Will Work on Deer?


Can you use a big bore airgun for hunting deer?

Big bore air guns and air bows are starting to make some noise in the hunting world as people start experimenting with them for hunting big game. You’ve no doubt heard of some of these “big bore” air rifles before.

But can you actually use one to harvest a deer? Follow along with Jim Chapman on a deer hunt with the Epox Badger .40 caliber airgun and find out.

The sound of the airgun is such a strange one to hear in any sort of hunting video, but the doe’s little mule kick does indicate a good hit. I am curious how far she may have run after the shot, they were a little vague on that detail.

But, it does appear to have been a clean harvest and that’s what’s most important. To me, it’s always fascinating to see these newly innovated weapons make their way into the hunting world. We’ll have to keep our eyes open to see if airgun big game hunting takes off some more.

I think I’d have no problems giving one of these a try, it seems like it’d be a fun challenge to take a whitetail with one of these.

What do you think after seeing one of these big bore airguns in action on big game? Would you give it a try?



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Have You Ever Wondered How a Big Bore Airgun Will Work on Deer?