crazy snowmobile crash

The Snowmobile Won't Stop Rolling in This Crazy Crash

The rider was just feet away from the top of the mountain when it all went wrong, ending in a crazy crash!

The rider appears ready to conquer a massive hill climb. In fact, all signs pointed to him reaching the peak without issue. However, at what appears to be near full throttle and just within grasp of the top the rider gets off course ever so slightly. That's all it took to create a snowball effect (no pun intended).

You can see the rider make a valiant attempt to get back on track. However, he overcorrects leading to his sled going vertical with the finish line within mere reaching distance.

Once the rider is kicked off the sled, the uncontrolled slide begins, and it doesn't stop quickly.

I'm not sure about you, but I'd be shouting like the rider in the video, albeit with a few four-letter words.

His sled looks cosmetically destroyed, but at least he seems to have come away from the crazy crash without severe injury. We'll chalk that up to the rider's awareness. As you can see, he spun around to see where the sled was at, likely to avoid the unmanned vehicle as it tumbled recklessly down the hill.

About the Author: Dominic Aiello is an avid hunter, angler, and wildlife policy expert. He is the President of the Oregon Outdoor Council, Cabela's Prostaff, and Outdoor Writer. Follow his adventures on Instagram @daiello91 or Twitter @HunterInformant