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The Sherp ATV Is an Off-Roading Machine Unlike Any Other

Say what you will about Russia, but folks from that country are absolute PROS when it comes to constructing beastly ATVs and other off-road vehicles. Take Sherp, for example. Founded by Alexei Garagashyan, the manufacturer has been producing ATVs, UTVs, and XTVs since 2012. Basically, there's no terrain that a Sherp-engineered vehicle can't conquer. In 2015, the Russian company an amphibious all-terrain vehicle to its lineup, and if Sherp had a flagship off-roader to tout, this would probably be it.

Matt Farah, the host of The Smoking Tire, got to take a spin in Sherp's amphibious ATV for a Road and Track review, and let's just say that this thing is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

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Per TheSmokingTire:

The SHERP ATV is the closest thing to a truly all-terrain vehicle that exists for sale, anywhere. It can drive across any surface, up and over almost any obstacle, it can float in a river, and it's also a van or a camper. It can drive effortlessly for days and days over terrain that would stop even the most hardcore off, roaders, and even if they did catch up, the SHERP would just drive across a river. It's not a car, but it's probably the coolest motorized thing that $120,000 gets you, period.

See? We told you this thing was no joke. With a top speed of 30 MPH on land and around 5 MPH on water, the Sherp ATV is working with monstrous 63"x25" tires that make it unstoppable pretty much wherever it goes. It's pure power and all-terrain prowess has led to appearances on such shows as Top Gear, Diesel Brothers, and Daily Planet.

Could you imagine getting behind the wheel of one of these bad boys? I guess one can only dream...

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