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The "Canooler" Sets Sail in Hilarious Clip from 'The Red Green Show'


When you need a canoe and a cooler and don't want to settle...

Canoe trips are always a ton of fun. Drifting lazily in the current down river. Taking in the sights, smells and sounds of nature. Enjoying some cold ones with your friends from the cooler as you go. Yeah, about that cooler. Most of them are big, bulky and they don't fit into a canoe very well.

Granted, today's coolers are better made and often fit better into a canoe or other small watercraft. They also float well, which can be a problem when you've flipped for the fifth time today and there are now no more drinks stored inside.

One of our favorite satirical outdoor personalities, Red Green, decided to come with a better way to float down river with all your food and drinks to the next camp site. If you are familiar with Red Green, you may be able to guess where this is going. For the rest of you, it involves coolers and a whole lot of duct tape. Get ready for a laugh with this classic clip.


"Science eventually got into the atomic age and produced the miracle substance: polywannacrackerlene!"

We love all Red Green's classic one-liners. They do not make shows like this anymore, especially ones with such a heavy focus on the outdoors like the Red Green Show had. Once again, Red uses his favorite tool, duct tape to come up with the perfect solution to the issue of taking a cooler along on a canoe trip.

The "canooler" may very well be one of our favorite crazy contraption Red has built using nothing but duct tape and a wry sense of humor.

Mainly because unlike most of the other crazy things Red Green built on the show over the years, this appears it may have been one of the few that really worked. The prop department was probably as surprised as the rest of us were when he floated away!


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