Jet-Powered Canoe
YouTube: the Hacksmith

Jet-Powered Canoe Takes Canadians for the Ride of Their Life


Would you ride in a jet-powered canoe?

Everyone enjoys a good canoe trip. The slow current taking you down the river peacefully. The sounds of nature as you float through untamed wilderness. There is a reason this is one of our favorite summertime activities to participate in each year.

There is no way you could possibly make the experience more fun than it already is right?

Well, some Canadians may have found a way. Meet the guys from the Hacktivist YouTube channel. These guys build all sort of crazy devices for their videos, but their mission to attach a jet engine to the back of a canoe may be one of the wildest. You simply must see this experiment to believe it. You'll find yourself wanting something you never knew you needed before.


Did you notice that fisherman on the river near the end when they were jetting downriver towing the kayak? We would love to know what was going through his mind in that moment! Sure, this canoe may not handle all that well. You certainly are not going to make a bunch of precision turns with a setup like this, but we do not care. We want one for our next river adventure.

I already know what some of you may be thinking: "This ruins the peace and tranquility of a perfectly good canoe trip." Yeah, but it is also simply awesome. Who WOULDN'T want their own jet-powered canoe after watching something like this?

These guys obviously had a lot of fun with this project. We knew it was going to be wild when they scavenged the jet engines from a jetpack they just happened to have laying around in the shop. I cannot believe I just wrote a sentence like that.

This video just goes to prove that once we thought we had seen it all, someone comes up with an even wilder idea to top it. We look forward to seeing what other watercraft experiments these guys try in the future!


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