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The New CVA Paramount Muzzleloader is a Game Changer

CVA Paramount Muzzleloader

If you want to hunt with the ultimate long range muzzleloader, then you really need to check out the brand new CVA Paramount.

While it's still a relatively new niche market, the pool of long range muzzleloaders steadily grows each year. The latest addition to the lineup is the CVA Paramount long range muzzleloader, which was just formally unveiled at the 2019 SHOT show. 

CVA has long made high quality black powder muzzleloaders for hunters like the Wolf, Optima and Accura V2, but the Paramount is a radical departure from typical CVA muzzleloaders.

For starters, it's a .45 caliber bolt action muzzleloader instead of their more common .50 caliber break action muzzleloading rifles. The CVA Paramount muzzleloader is designed to use a 140 grain charge of Blackhorn 209 to shoot the new 280 grain PowerBelt Paramount ELR bullet. Those traits combine to result in an extremely high muzzle velocity and a very flat trajectory for a muzzleloader.

At the same time, the Paramount uses a 26" free floated Bergara barrel with a 1:22" twist rate specifically built for optimum performance with the PowerBelt ELR bullet. It also comes standard with CVA's Variflame breech plug, which uses a more consistent large rifle primer instead of the 209 shot shell primers more commonly used with other muzzleloaders. Those traits help the Paramount achieve incredible accuracy.

Add it all up, and you've got a muzzleloader that's capable of reliably hitting targets out past 300 yards in the right hands.

With an adjustable length of pull and comb height, the Paramount incorporates features that are much more common on high end precision centerfire rifles than muzzleloaders. Additionally, instead of storing the ramrod under the barrel like you would on a typical muzzleloader, CVA changed things up to ensure the best accuracy from the free floated stainless steel barrel and provides a one piece range rod and a collapsable ramrod that fits in a pouch for use while hunting.

It even comes with a quick detach sling mounts that will accommodate a bipod or the included Quake claw flush cup sling. Finally, the Paramount accepts standard Remington Model 700 scope mounts.

All things considered, CVA appears to have built a very well designed muzzleloader with the Paramount rifle at first glance. Hopefully, the real world performance of the Paramount lives up to expectations!

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The New CVA Paramount Muzzleloader is a Game Changer