The Most Popular Speed Loaders You Can Buy

These popular ammo speed loaders are the highest-reviewed and most-liked by Amazon shoppers.

Anyone who's spent time at a gun range knows the one and only drag about it is reloading. Stuffing bullets into a magazine can be a time-consuming effort, and it will do a number on your digits as you fill more and more. It just isn't efficient, and it's the one thing that's keeping you from sending more lead down the range.

But if you're using a Glock pistol, a Colt AR-15, or even a SIG Mosquito in .22 long rifle rimfire, a speed loader (or a speedloader if you're into conserving words) is just the thing to decrease your woes.

We wanted to get a good picture of the most popular speed loaders you can find, and thought Amazon would be a good place to check first (besides, free shipping for Prime members doesn't hurt, does it?). Based on written reviews (4 or 5 stars only) and sale numbers, these are five of the most popular speed loaders you can get your hands on.

These picks don't cover every single type of speed loader available (in fact, a rifle magazine speed loader is still a relatively new product and a little tough to find), but they'll give you a great sense of what's offered and at what prices.

Glock Magazine Speed Loader for 9mm/.40/.357/.380 Auto/.45 GAP Mags

If you're one of the most popular gun brands, you're going to have dedicated speed loaders for gun owners to use. That's the case with this Glock Magazine Speed Loader, which works for a variety of the most-used calibers.

Caldwell Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

This is a mag loader from the well-trusted Caldwell brand that makes loading a pistol super easy. The universality is great: If you've got a 9mm Taurus or a Ruger handgun in .45, you'll be taken care of with the Caldwell Universal Pistol Magazine Loader.

Maglula ltd. UpLULA Pistol Magazine Loader/Unloader for 9mm-45 ACP

Here's the UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader, great for the full range of typical calibers. It'll work with single or double stack magazines, and makes filling one as easy as flipping a switch. Plus, it'll unload your mags just as easily.

RangeTray Remington RP9 9mm Magazine Loader

This one comes in a bunch of cool colors, but is intended only for 9mm cartridges. The RangeTray Remington R9 is still a handy reloader to have, even if it isn't as universal as others.

Sylvan Raptor Universal Pistol Speed Loader

Loading rounds stops being a pain in the neck and actually becomes enjoyable with the Sylvan Raptor. Can you see yourself reloading your Smith & Wesson with this? It's made from hardened steel parts and has a super strong glass filled nylon frame.

It's important to remember that just because it isn't listed here, doesn't mean there isn't a speed loader that works with your firearm or magazine. Search around, you'd be surprised at the selection of shotgun speedloaders,

Look for the brands mentioned in the five choices above, or try to find something by Butler Creek, HKS, or Elite Tactical Systems. If it's made in the USA, you're likely getting better quality and less overcharging.