Long-Range Accuracy in a Bonded Hunting Bullet: Federal's Edge TLR

For those who want long distance but still great expansion and penetration, Federal has just the thing: Edge TLR.

When you shoot long distances, you're going to lose some of the performance numbers on impact. It's no secret, even someone with an elementary-level knowledge base would understand that.

But what's great is that ammunition companies are actively addressing that, made obvious by Federal Premium's new Edge TLR round, an accurate and effective long range hunting bullet that's able to hold itself together and perform the way you want it to on impact.

Edge TLR features bonded construction in a match-grade bullet with an impressively high ballistic coefficient, AccuChannel grooving, and a new SlipStream heat-resistant ballistic tip. The result is both close-range and long-range terminal performance with both accuracy and reliability.

Here's a quick video that helps explain what makes the bullet so great for long range hunting.

Edge TLR is available in these calibers:

  • 7mm Rem. Magnum 155-grain
  • 270 Win. 136-grain
  • 270 WSM 136-grain
  • 308 Win. 175-grain
  • 30-06 Spring. 175-grain
  • 300 Win. Mag. 200-grain
  • 300 Win. Short Mag. 200-grain

The coolest thing is that Edge TLR delivers some of the highest ballistic coefficients in the industry for these bullet weights, and still maintains adequate bullet stability. All this equates to shooters getting the flattest trajectories, the least wind drift, and the highest confidence to know they are going to make their shot.

It's the patented SlipStream Tip that really helps the bullet stand out. Federal Premium engineers arrived at the unique design after testing of other tipped bullets revealed they failed to expand consistently at distances past about 600 yards. A new approach was needed to ensure all-range performance.

The inspiration came when the Federal Premium engineering team drilled a hole all the way through the center of the tip. Upon impact, that hole would allow target media into the front end of the bullet to initiate expansion. It actually extended the performance range by a few hundred yards.

Further testing and development led to another breakthrough—one that not only improved terminal performance but also improved accuracy and decreased drag. The engineers found out that they could actually close up the front end of the tip and still get a high BC.

The bullet would still expand on those low velocity impacts, because the front end of the tip would break off and reveal the channel, allowing media to enter and expansion to take place.

Advancements like these help keep Federal atop the ammo industry, especially in the hunting department. We're glad they came out with such a high-performing long range cartridge, and you owe it to yourself (and your harvested animals) to use something that's going to ethically dispatch game from further distances.

Federal Premium has plenty more information on the Edge TLR on their website, so go there if you need any more persuasion.