Mossberg 500 Turkey .410

The Mossberg 500 Turkey .410 is Perfect for Big Spring Gobblers

The Mossberg 500 Turkey shotgun in .410 bore is perfect for a challenge or newer hunters.

The Mossberg 500 pump action is an American classic shotgun platform that has been used to harvest countless deer, turkeys, waterfowl, small game and upland birds over the years.

This year Mossberg has a new release of the firearm specifically with longbeards in mind. The new 500 is a specialty turkey gun chambered for .410 bore.

The result is a gun that is perfect for youth hunters or someone who is simply looking for a greater challenge in the turkey woods this year.

A non-traditional turkey gun

Mossberg's newest pump action shotgun takes the classic 500 platform and gives it the more manageable recoil and affordability provided by .410 ammo. The vent rib barrel is 26 inches long. As far as choke tubes go, this gun comes equipped with an X-Full choke. To help bring down that giant gobbler, the .410 turkey gun features fiber optic sights in the front that gather light and help you get on target quicker. The receiver is also pre-drilled and tapped for someone who wants to mount an optic. A nice little red dot sight would work well on a gun like this.

This shotgun holds 5+1 rounds and uses the dual extractors and twin action bars you may be used to seeing on the Mossberg 500 to help cycle up to 3-inch rounds quickly and efficiently. The overall length of the gun is just 45 inches and it weighs 6.5 pounds. While that does make the gun a little longer than some of the company's other turkey models, it is also lighter and the recoil will probably easier to handle for younger hunters or people with strength issues. The gun has a generous recoil pad to help with that even more. The length of pull (LOP) is 13.87 inches according to Mossberg's specs. While this may be a great idea for a youth turkey hunting gun, we can see the appeal for a seasoned turkey hunter who is looking for more of a challenge too.

A classic camo pattern

Of course, hiding from the prying eyes of a wise old gobbler is also an important part of turkey hunting. Mossberg decided to coat the entire barrel length, receiver and synthetic stock in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo pattern. We dig the classic look. It's a simple pattern, but also a highly effective one that will work as well in the swamps of Southern Mississippi as it will in the cornfields of central Michigan. Swivels allow you to easily attach a sling for easy transport to and from the field.

While the MSRP on this gun is $515, a quick scan on the Internet finds it going from $380-400 at many retailers, making it extremely affordable for most hunters too. We imagine this one is going to be very popular this year with many turkey seasons already in full swing or starting soon!

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