The Legendary M1A Rifle Proves Craftsmanship Is Still Alive

Springfield Armory has been building M1A rifles since 1974, and they craft them with a pride in workmanship that is second to none.

Springfield Armory's M1A rifle has a history longer than the nearly 45 years that the company has actually been building the rifle. The M1A is the civilian version of the military's popular M14 rifle.

Springfield Armory produced this brief video to highlight their commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and the history of the rifle.

The M1A is almost identical to its ancestor, the M14, although there are a few important distinctions between the two:

  • There is some difference in the receivers between the two rifles.
  • Springfield's rifles are not manufactured with bayonet lugs.
  • For all rifles shipped to California, M1As have a muzzle brake installed on the barrel rather than a flash suppressor.

Other than those small differences, the rifle has remained virtually the same for decades. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

A well-designed firearm combined with proud craftsmanship ensures the rifle will continue to be a favorite among shooters.

"The careful hours, scrupulous effort, expert machining and meticulous tool work needed to complete an M1A from start to finish, make it a labor-intensive yet wholly worthwhile process," Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese said. "The end result honors the tradition and legacy of the M1A. It is truly an exceptional rifle and a beloved American firearm."

Springfield's Match Rifle Team Leader Corey Sellers gushes unapologetically about the company's standards and mission.

"The M1A is an iconic symbol of Springfield Armory's commitment to American innovation in the defense of freedom and independence."

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