rifle muzzle crowns

Video: The Importance of Rifle Muzzle Crowns

How important are rifle muzzle crowns anyway?

The muzzle crown is the last rifling the bullet touches as it leaves the rifle.

Larry Potterfield of Midway USA tells us why they're so important in regards to accuracy.

Is the chamber end of a proper rifle setup the most important factor in terms of accuracy? The answer is no. In fact, the rifling at the very end of the barrel is the last contact a departing bullet makes. And, just a little bur or worn spot can throw accuracy off greatly with serious negative effects.

This area of the barrel is known as the muzzle crown. Especially on rifles, due to the demand for long-range accuracy, the muzzle crown is a crucial spot.

If your old rifle's missing the mark, you may just need to re-crown it to reclaim its accuracy. The right way to do it is by cutting the crown with a proper cutting tool. Its big job is to keep the bullet's flight stabilized and straight all the way to the target.

Larry Potterfield of Midway USA explains the fine points of what the rifle muzzle crowns are all about and why they're so important. If you're a long-range shooter, take care of the muzzle crown. It'll certainly improve your accuracy, whether you're hunting or simply target shooting when the distances stretch into the next county. With the proper crown job, your five-shot group will thank you.

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