Hitch Hotel
HItch Hotel

The Hitch Hotel, an Incredibly Compact Camper Designed for Smaller Vehicles

The Hitch Hotel is a unique new take on campers.

People are constantly trying to innovate the camping world with new designs. We've seen plenty of roof top tents, teardrop trailers and single axle travel trailers before. The Hitch Hotel is something totally different. The company says the original is the first "expandable wheel-less trailer.

It's a unique concept that will probably make off grid car camping a lot easier. The original, which hangs off a standard trailer hitch, has been on the market for a while now. It proved extremely popular for people with smaller cars and SUVs. Probably because the minimum tongue weight needed is just 350 pounds. The company is now releasing a variation called "The Hitch Hotel Traveler" with wheels.

The Traveler looks like a nifty little trailer. The idea is to make the lightest expandable camper on the market. The wheeled version is designed to allow users to put a bit more equipment in the storage space while on the road. This makes it one of the smallest camper trailers currently available.

When the Traveler is in the closed position, it's only 39 inches long. That's small enough that it won't be a hassle making turns while towing and small enough that most people should be able to store it at home in their garage.

When fully expanded, the Hitch Hotel is about seven feet long and has about 135 cubic feet of sleeping space. Simple and to the point. We do like the idea of keeping our camping gear stowed in it while not in use too. It would make it temptingly easy to go on a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip on a Friday after work.

As for construction, The Hitch Hotel features a tig welded T6 aluminum frame coated with a watertight fiberglass shell available in a variety of colors. It features standard insulation to keep it toasty in colder weather and vented windows for air circulation when it's warmer. The entire package only weighs about 240 pounds.

A 12-volt light and USB port system provides a little power for charging your gadgets and phones. For the Traveler model, the wheels are 10-inch radial tires that Hitch Hotel says are rated for up to 80 miles per hour.

In addition to the new Traveler model, Hitch Hotel just launched an equity crowdfunding campaign where they are giving bonuses on company stock in the form of huge discounts on an order of one of these compact campers. There seems to be a real market for this product because the original Hitch Hotel's Kickstarter campaign far exceeded the original $100,000 goal. It will be interesting to see if this style of camper takes off more in the near future.

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