whitetail deer
YouTube: Randy Newberg, Hunter

The Gutless Method of Dressing a Deer

Learning the gutless method of dressing out a deer will allow you to get deep in the woods, take a deer and pack out the cape and meat.

The gutless method of dressing out a deer or elk is a game-changer.

Randy Newberg will show how learning this technique is a great method for those public land hunters who want to get deep into the wilderness, away from hunting pressure and into the home of the real big bucks.

Watch the video below:

That is a refined way to dress out a deer or elk, and it allows you to keep the cape and head in good shape for the mounting of your backwoods trophy. What also was impressive was how clean the process was as there was almost no hair transferred to the meat cuts and by not having to gut you eliminate other possible contaminants from getting on those cuts.

I can see why the gutless method of field dressing a deer or elk is gaining traction for those hunters who like to get into those more remote areas on public-land hunts.