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Moose Gives Dog-Walker a Scare


If you ever walked up on a moose, you would be scared too!

Years ago, I was fly fishing a boggy stream in Montana when I walked up on a bedded down moose. It wasn't very big, but it was male in velvet. I scared it probably more than it scared me, but regardless, that was probably the fastest I'd ever run in waders up until that point.

As you are about to see, a dog-walker walked up on a moose in a very unlikely place. Once she noticed what was happening, just like in a cartoon, she reversed course and headed back the other direction.

If that was me, I probably wouldn't have been able to keep my myself under control like that. Good for her!

Moose don't have great eyesight. One of their first instincts when they're startled is to run. However, if the fight-or-flight instinct gets the better of them, they're going to fight in a big way.

And, if you ask me, getting moose-stomped by an 800-pound, huge, hoofed animal sounds like a terrible way to go.



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Moose Gives Dog-Walker a Scare