The Guide to Giving Kershaw Knives to Everyone on Your List

Say "Happy holidays" with a thoughtful gift and match a Kershaw knife to the receiver's personality and style.

People always say "It's the thought that counts" as a way to cover up for a crummy gift. In reality, it means the more effort you put in to finding a gift they'll actually love, the sweeter it'll be.

We created this guide with the goal of matching Kershaw Knives to the various guys and gals on your list. You know blades make the best gifts, but there's an advantage in knowing which knives would make the most sense for them.

Here are eight good picks for eight kinds of people.

For the person who needs to be ready for anything... try gifting the Launch 2

Kershaw has made it their mission to make automatic knives both functional and well-designed while maintaining the utmost safety and dependability. The Launch 2 opens with a low-profile push button, features a CPM 154, partially serrated steel blade, and is made entirely in the USA.

Just remember, you can only get Kershaw's automatic knives from authorized dealers, and you should know and obey your state's regulations regarding their ownership.

For the guy always working in his garage... get them the Shuffle DIY

The first iteration of the Kershaw Shuffle was such a hit, and the DIY version was a no-brainer upgrade. Add a bit driver and two screwdriver bits plus a keychain ring to a compact, useful pocketknife already equipped with a bottle opener, and you have yourself a great handyman's tool (not to mention, a stocking stuffer).

For the practical minimalist who needs an EDC... they'd love the Epistle

Kershaw likes to say the Epistle has everything you need in a pocketknife and nothing you don't. The 3-inch blade is made of a solid, all-around steel that's easy to resharpen. There's a sleekness that aids in its carry-ability, and though it's small, there isn't much it can't do.

For the fisherman, or chef, who's always super organized... introduce them to the Folding Fillet Knife

The ideal, compact fillet knife for the tackle box, the Folding Fillet Knife has Kershaw's practical imprint all over it. The 6-inch Japanese stainless blade folds into the glass-filled nylon handle, and has a back lock to keep it secure. The grip has an impressive rubberized overmold with the exclusive K-Texture grip, which works especially well in super wet conditions. Perfect for the tackle box, the Folding Fillet Knife is also at home in the kitchen.

For someone who appreciates a throwback, classic look... get them the Launch 8

You've seen them before, but they were probably cheap versions like the kind they sell in a glass box at the gas station. The Kershaw Launch 8 is nothing like those knockoffs. It takes its queue from the classic Italian stilettos, but it's got all the modern features you'd expect from a 21st Century knife.

True to style, it's a push-button auto with a CPM 154 steel blade. You can't help but notice the handle's carbon fiber insert when you first see it, and the entire knife weighs only 2.4 ounces. It is a perfectly symmetrical rendition of the knife you know they've always wanted.

For stylish sportsmen who love a nice car... try the Innuendo

Here's a knife for the classy one on your list. It was designed with help from custom knifemaker Les George, and has the lines of an exotic sportscar. The Innuendo has a 3.3-inch drop-point blade that's coated in titanium carbo-nitride.

Despite it's stellar looks, the value in this knife is almost too good to pass up. Even the pivot is a custom-like addition that sort of reminds us of a nice set of tire rims.

For the hunter who really needs a good skinning knife... go with the LoneRock RBK

The slim, scalpel-like blade on this knife is perfect for skinning and caping because it doesn't get dull midway through the task. The LoneRock RBK also comes with 15 replaceable blades and an extra handle so you and a hunting buddy can be put to work when the jobs get really big. There's a manual opening and liner lock plus the K-Texture grip. It comes with a nylon sheath that holds the extra blades and handle.

For the Star Wars fan who deserves a good pocket knife... get them the Parsec

The stonewashed, brown PVD finish on both the blade and handle of the Parsec folder looks as if it's inspired by the space ships of an intergalactic comic book, and it's edge will hold no matter how fast it's going. Its one-handed deployment uses Kershaw's KVT ball-bearing opening and a flipper.

That should give you a great idea of what to get for who, depending on the folks that have made your "Good List." Even if one of these eight knives won't work, there is a seemingly-endless list of other options you can find.

There are few better ways to show someone you care than actually thinking about the gift you're giving, and it's especially meaningful when they make the connection and realize you put some thought into it.

A knife specifically matched to them from Kershaw is an easy way to do it.