The Great American Hunting Trip, and the Rifle It Calls For

We all have that one hunt we have to experience before we call it quits, and you're going to want a firearm you can trust.

Perhaps the most valuable element of hunting is its ability to stoke the imagination.

Those of us who partake in America's oldest tradition can basically divide our future hunting plans into two categories: realistic ones we need to proactively plan for and those that we fantasize about for the distant future.

While there are some outliers, the majority of these hunting trips are some sort of big-game, spot-and-stalk hunt out west. We dream about taking a week or two off of work, trekking through the Rocky Mountains in search of that majestic bull elk or through the prairies of Wyoming for that elusive pronghorn.

There are also those lifelong whitetail hunters who dream of getting their hands on a mule deer tag, as well as those who strive to go as big as they can with a moose hunt in Alaska.

Regardless of what trip sits atop your bucket list, we all have a big-time adventure that trumps the others.

In order to execute during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—should you actually plan the trip at some point in your life—you're going to want a rifle that won't let you down.

If your preference lies in the tension of a drawn bowstring or in the satisfying sound of a pump-action shotgun, the importance of reliable gear is just as great. But for this idea, we're focusing on finding the best rifle for the ultimate American hunting trip.

After thorough deliberation, we confidently landed on one rifle: the Savage 110 Ultralite.

Why the Savage 110 Ultralite is the Ultimate Hunting Trip Rifle

There's a number of reasons to go this route, but let's start with the obvious. The 110 Ultralite weighs a measly 5.8 pounds, which means more miles on your feet, less stress on your back, and a steadier shot when it's time to pull the trigger. When you compare side-by-side, with one in each hand, the 110 Ultralite will feel significantly lighter than almost any similar hunting gun you may have in your safe.

Its weight alone is enough to make it a go-to option for big-game, spot-and-stalk hunts, yet it offers so much more.

Equipped with an AccuFit stock and an AccuTrigger, hunters have the ability to adjust to the perfect fit and trigger weight. With interchangeable length of pull and comb height inserts, as well as a 1.5- to 4-pound trigger range, it'd be hard to ever feel uncomfortable shooting this rifle.

Not only does it have a lightweight stainless steel receiver with a Melonite finish, it also features an exclusive PROOF Research carbon-fiber-wrapped stainless steel cut rifled barrel that eliminates the concern of inclement weather. If you're roughing it out in the middle of nowhere in pursuit of that final wall-hanger, you're going to appreciate having a gun that can handle all the elements.

A spiral fluted bolt and a detachable box magazine allow for quick and flawless cycling should you miss a shot, offering legitimate extra chances. That's well appreciated in a backcountry mountain gun.

Savage covers all your big-game bases, too, offering the 110 Ultralite in .308 Win., .270 Win., 28 Nosler, .280 Ackley Improved, .30-06 Spingfield, .300 WSM, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC.

If you are taking a serious approach to big-game hunting, you're going to need a serious rifle. Find out everything else you need to know about the Savage 110 Ultralite at