Albino Buck

The Grandaddy of All Albino Bucks

The majestic allure of an albino deer intrigues us all, but this giant albino buck is one for the ages.

Big whitetail bucks dominate our minds and thoughts, especially this time of year. And, one of the most majestic animals on the planet is a big, beautiful, fully albino whitetail buck.

These onlookers let the camera roll as this grandaddy of all albino bucks showed off and posed for them in all its glory. With a mature body stature, an incredible rack, and an all-white coat, this is one of the more impressive albino bucks caught on camera

Like a walking Booner ghost, his albino coat glows against the summer green of the beans and beside the red summer coat of the buck with him. He's perfect in every way.

This buck features white velvet, pinks eyes and ears, and character in his rack with a split G3 and a unique G2 on his left side.

You can hear traffic buzzing by, and the owners of the video have made it very clear that this is not a high fence deer on a farm. A wonderful wild species that is free to roam anywhere it chooses. And that simple fact makes this amazing albino whitetail even that more special.

Unique, beautiful, majestic and rare are words that describe this buck, but they really aren't enough to give it any justice.

Someday I hope to lay eyes on a creature similar to this one in the wild. Without a dot of brown, one that can roam the woods as the ghost that it looks like.