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Would You Take the Forged Fish Hook Challenge?

The challenge of catching a fish with your own hand-forged fish hook.

There are a lot of fishing challenges out there these days. The Walmart bait challenge, the Mystery Tackle Box challenges, and there are even lettuce bait challenges. This one is completely new, watch the video and see how to make your own hook and attempt to catch a fish with it.

Pretty cool learning how to make your own hooks. Too bad it didn't work out for him in the video. As we all know, this happens (probably as a result of the hook bending). I also think, looking at the shape of the hooks, they are not made with a long enough shank with not enough bend. Whatever the reason, I feel your pain; it's never fun loosing fish. At least he got a donut to end the night on a high note.

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Would You Take the Forged Fish Hook Challenge?