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The Fishing Caddy is So Versatile, You Almost Forget It's a Bucket


The Swiss Army knife of fishing buckets, the Fishing Caddy is for those who like their gear compact, neat and organized for their fishing trips.

I've seen a bucket for sale through one of my favorite cooler brands and saw the price tag and said, "What in the world makes that bucket so expensive!"

Then I found this video and said, "Now there's a bucket that deserves the price tag. Wait, that's a bucket?"

Check this thing out. It has everything from pole holders to lights, to a live well in the bucket to a tackle divider on top. It's a seat, it holds your cold beverage and has tensioners for your line, too. I'm sure thins thing came from someone who spends a lot of time fishing alone and like 99.9 percent of the world, only has two hands.

fishing caddy bucket
Fishing Caddy

You can check out more on the Fishing Caddy by visiting their website. They really thought of it all, too, including a glow-in-the-dark bucket for increased visibility while night fishing. I'm pretty sure the only thing they didn't include is your fishing rod, a cold beverage and the fish!

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The Fishing Caddy is So Versatile, You Almost Forget It's a Bucket