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The TAngler: Conquer Knots, Make Fishing More Accessible for Everyone


Never tie another fishing knot again as this new fishing innovation, the TAngler, may "knot" be like anything else ever seen before.

Ok, so I will make another attempt to smooth out my pun here and straighten out any confusion. See what I did there?

The TAngler. It's not like anything I have seen yet in the fishing industry. Designed more for the weekend fisherman, this product will save you time and stress when out hitting the water.

Feed. Spin. Snap. It's that simple.

Who could benefit the most from the TAngler?

I spoke with one of the co-founders, Chase Kenner, on the TAngler and asked him what sparked the idea?

"Out of curiosity. I began searching for a solution if someone is no longer able to tie a knot. I started to search the internet and came up empty several times. I eventually brought the issue to my two friends, Skip Boudreaux and Scott Shea. We came up with different concepts but after some trial and error and with the help of a local 3D design facility, we came up with the TAngler."

"We are [looking to help] everyday men and women who want to go fishing and do not want to hassle with knots or worry about losing a fish due to the knot slipping off [the hook]. Mommy and Daddy being able to fish while the kids can rig their own lines. Anyone with dexterity issues, poor eyesight or people with disabilities...we are getting feedback from people all over the world telling us this is something they can use."

Putting it to the test.

As someone who likes to test and review new products, my first question and concern  was if they had completed any stress testing.

Chase was quick to reply with significant results stating, "We have. We did a raw pull test on the device, which is patent pending, and the swivel came out at 27lbs of pressure. The device itself, that the swivel is attached to, broke at 45lbs of pressure which was way more than we expected! This was [only] our 3D printed prototype. Our engineers stated that once [we test] the injected molded version, it will likely be about 40-50 percent stronger."

They also tested the TAngler with several different fishing lines at 10lbs, 15lbs, and 20lbs test line and the same result occurred in each test in that the line snapped before anything failed with the TAngler.

The device seems to be extremely efficient and even for someone who is particular about using leaders and swivels in certain fishing situations, sometimes it's nice to just hit the river or pond, throw on a hook and a bobber, and relax on the banks with my buddies. The TAngler would be perfect for that.

How to order and the options

There are two versions of the TAngler currently available. The Standard TAngler or "Fresh TAngler" which is the device with a short swivel and universal clip attached to the end. Also available is the TAngler with Leader or the "Salty TAngler". This TAngler has a leader attached to the end of the device and a universal clip attached at the end of the leader.

You can also simply attach a snelled hook to the "Fresh TAngler" if you would like to complete your simple set up as well.

As of right now, the TAngler is not available to purchase directly, however you can join them on their Kickstarter and get a pack of four "Fresh TAnglers" attached with swivels and a bonus decal for only $10 to start. There are several other options available and you can donate based upon what you would like to purchase.

The money from their Kickstarter will go to moving the 3D printed prototype to the stronger injected mold, final product. Your purchase will be getting an even stronger version than the one used to catch this 25 pound black drum.


The TAngler was started in South Louisiana and they want to keep it there so it is an American-made product. Once they hit their goal on their Kickstarter, they would love to mass produce them in South Louisiana for everyone all over the world.

It's as simple as feed, spin, and snap, with the number three, being the ideal number of spins.

The product is like no other we have seen here before and I will definitely be ordering for myself as well as my grandfather who loves to fish but also finds it difficult to tie a fishing knot like he taught me years ago.

What are your thoughts? Is this something you or someone you know could use in their tackle box this year? Don't forget to check out their Facebook Page and their Kickstarter Page for more information on the TAngler.


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The TAngler: Conquer Knots, Make Fishing More Accessible for Everyone