The Dreaded Pothole May Finally Have Met Its Match With ClearMotion

Pothole impact and spilled coffee could become a thing of the past with ClearMotion's new shock absorption technology.

Have you ever been driving along, driving along, and then KA-PLOW! Your car or truck becomes the victim of a ghoulish pothole. If you drive in Austin or Houston, specifically, then yes, this has happened to you many times before. But a new absorption technology component from ClearMotion is about to change that horrible experience.

Produced by Boston-based ClearMotion, its "proactive suspension system" comprises of a series of hydraulics, sensors, and an electric motor to detect potholes and lift or push the wheel up or down over bumps, resulting in a much smoother ride, albeit with some road feel to liven the experience.

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The Streets is Talking

The technology is also able to collect data and use geotagging to share exact location with highway repair authorities to advise on problematic areas. This will come in handy for turning morning commutes from the Indian Jones ride at Disneyland into a more driver-friendly experience.

"We are digitizing our relationship with the road," said ClearMotion founder and CEO Shakeel Avadhany. "Allowing a layer of software to work between the humans and the road."

At the moment, ClearMotion is working with several automakers to integrate its technology into their vehicles. No word on when the technology is expected to hit the market sometime in 2020.

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